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Terrified Mastiff Stranded Upside Down In Tree For Days During Deadly Floods

Starting in late February 2022, Queensland and New South Wales in Australia have faced severe flooding. Tens of thousands of homes flooded, and many humans


Emaciated Pit Bull Tied To Tree Raises Questions About Abuse Incidents

Only a week after a man found a Chihuahua in a urine-soaked bag on railroad tracks, another abused dog has been located near Vineland, New


Dog Found Tied To A Tree With Her Drowned Puppies In 2019 Hurricane Still Needs A Home

In 2019, a dog known as Surge was abandoned amid the floodwaters of Hurricane Dorian. The now three-and-a-half-year-old dog is lucky to be alive, but


Dog Walker Comes Across Gentle Pit Bull Tied To A Tree With A Note Attached

When Eric Maus was walking in Prospect Park with a couple of clients, Gouda and Lily, he came across the saddest sight. Next to the


Hiking in Joshua Tree National Park With Dogs

Heading to Joshua Tree with your dog? Worried you won’t see much in this national park where dogs aren’t allowed on the trails? We have