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Stolen Dog Found 600 Miles From Home After 5 Years Is Back To The Good Life

Despite their security camera capturing it all, a family’s German Shepherd named Sheba was stolen right out of their backyard. At the time, they did


Stolen German Shepherd Returns Home After 4 Years And 600 Miles

In January 2018, a German Shepherd puppy was stolen outside her home in Baytown, Texas. She loved everyone she met, so she didn’t resist when


Stolen Senior Dog Finally Reunites With Her Family After A Decade Apart

When it has been ten long years since you last saw your lost dog, you more than likely wouldn’t expect to ever see them again.


Bulldog Stolen In Broad Daylight In NYC, Family Pleads For Help In Finding Him

A NYC resident is pleading for help after his beloved Bulldog, Off White was stolen during their mid-day walk. The 75-year-old dog parent was approached


Dognapper Demands $650 To Return Woman’s Stolen Pup

Pam Highsmith was devastated when her Maltipoo named Macy escaped her yard in Savannah, Georgia. As she was chasing her furry friend, a car pulled


Dog Stolen From Own Yard In Broad Daylight Mysteriously Returns Home

These days, it seems like dog thieves are getting bolder and bolder. Some criminals even go around in the full light of day snatching dogs


Senior Dog Is Stolen Moments Before Brooklyn Family Planned To Move To Florida

Carl Magloire and his family were looking forward to moving across the country. They currently live in Brooklyn, New York, but they were ready to


Puppy Returns Home After Wild Ride In Stolen Car

A Rochester man was desperate to find his Havanese puppy, Benny after his car was stolen with little Benny inside. Eric Berg had just run


Dog Stolen To Breed At Puppy Farm Returns Home 2 Years Later

When his English Springer Spaniel Daisy was stolen from his Kent home in 2020, Francis Briley thought he would never see her again. Daisy’s microchip


Dog Stolen In California Ends Up In Pennsylvania Only Days Later

French Bulldog thefts are on the rise. Many heartless people are stealing dogs from innocent families in an attempt to resell them. Lady Gaga’s Frenchies