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Man Leaves Dog At Shelter When Landlord Says “Give Up Your Pit Bull Or You’re Out”

There are times that we need to make very difficult decisions in life. This story contains a story where a man had a choice between


Shelter Dog Parties With Pilfered Squeaky Toys After Escaping Kennel

Finding unexpected freedom one evening, shelter dog Gilligan threw himself a late-night squeaky toy pawty. When Bedford County Humane Society staff arrived at the shelter


Man Completely “Lost-It”, Races Toward His Lost Dogs When He Spots Them At Shelter

When Sandy Hernandez’ two Siberian Huskies went missing, he was devastated. They managed to hop the fence in their yard and Hernandez spent the entire


#BettyWhiteChallenge Helps Countless Shelter Dogs Including One Special Golden Retriever

Since news of Betty White’s death broke on New Year’s Eve, the #BettyWhiteChallenge has been swirling across social media, asking fans to donate just $5


Long-Term Shelter Dog Heartbroken After Adopters Don’t Show

It’s hard not to get your hopes up when someone wants to meet a long-term shelter resident. Many wonderful dogs have been adoptable for months


A Box Was Left At Shelter And The Smell Was Horrible But Yet They Had To Open It

Shelter workers found a mysteriously taped up box on their doorstep. They were appalled when they heard desperate cries for help coming from inside. As


Sick Dog Gets Dumped At ‘High-Kill’ Shelter And Gets Excited Whenever She Has Visitors

Aimee the Pit Bull had developed a painful skin condition, and her owners didn’t want to take care of it. So, they decided to abandon


18-Year-Old Blind Dachshund Was Dumped At Shelter, Clung To First Person Who Showed Her Love

Muneca, an 18-year-old blind Dachshund, was dumped at an animal shelter, leaving her alone and terrified. At this time, she no longer had a home,


Anxious, Overlooked Shelter Dog Finds Comfort In Her Pile Of Toys

As a rescue dog who’s nervous around other dogs, 2-year-old Bella’s chances of adoption become much smaller. One organization re-homed the Lurcher mix, but that