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Sad Pup Who Only Knew Neglect Thrives With Just A Little Love

Lauren Buckley is a long-time friend and foster with the Brown Dog Coalition in Hopkinton, MA. Her story originally appeared on, and is reposted


Things Have Turned Around for Sweet, Sad Dog Covered in Thousands of Ticks

At first rescuers weren’t sure what condition she might have that would cause all the bumps to sprout all over her, but when they looked


Mama Dog Was Sad When 7-Pups Passed In Fire. Then They Showed Mama A Litter Of Orphans

As a child, Jessica Woodruff loved animals. Now, she has to deal with the most tragic moment of her life when her barn was on


Somber Puppy Received Medical Care But They Couldn’t Heal Her Sad Soul

Strays are taken care of in many areas of the world by kind individuals. There is no way that enough shelters could be built to