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Fearful Friday: Neo The Reactive Rescue Pup!

We’re launching Fearful Fridays, to give you insight into the lives of reactive dogs, and today’s reactive woof sharing their story is Neo (aka @neo_therescuepup!).


About Cortisol & What To Do After An Incident With Your Reactive Dog

What happens when your dog (reactive or otherwise) gets involved in an incident and their cortisol spikes. This is about the aftereffects, and the aftercare


6 Things To Do Before Training Your Reactive Dog

Today we are going to be talking about setting the foundation for training your reactive dog. I’m actually talking about the training that’s not training,


5 Tips To Start Understanding Your Reactive Dog

Being the parent of a reactive dog is sincerely one of the toughest jobs in the dog world. Having a dog that likes to act