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Puppy With 6 Legs And Extra Organs Is Thriving Despite All Odds

Skipper acts just like your average puppy, but the newborn canine doesn’t look the way you’d expect. That’s because the 11-ounce Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix


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Brittany Turnbill took her 8-year-old Shih Tzu, Sugar – whom she lovingly refers to as her “daughter” – to her local vet for a simple


Starving Dog Dumped On Streets, Left To Die And Woman Fights All Odds To Save Him

On a Christmas weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pia was strolling down the street when she came upon a tiny and emaciated dog, abandoned and


Kennel Owner Trains Shelter Dogs To Help Increase Their Adoption Odds

When you think about sweet, innocent, often abused animals sitting in a shelter for an excessive amount of time, it shatters your heart into a