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Actress Jena Malone Chases Down Man Violently Abusing Dog In Public

WARNING: This article contains content that may be sensitive to some readers. Actress Jena Malone isn’t one to keep quiet when she sees an animal


Man Leaves Dog At Shelter When Landlord Said, “Give Up Your Pit Bull Or You’re Out”

There are times when we must make hard choices in life. In this narrative, a man had to choose between his house and his dog.


Homeless Man ‘Pleads’ With Shelter To Get His Dog A Forever Home Before He Dies

Being homeless is a difficult and devastating existence. Every day, millions of people worldwide are without a home, and many times they have a dog


Man Who Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Is Accidentally Released From Jail

In early 2021, Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot as attackers tried to steal her three French Bulldogs. The thieves took two of the singer’s


Man Tried To Free Dog Who Was Chained All His Life But Dog Lunges Right At Him

Many of us, including animals have labels put on us. However, as we all know, this is never the right thing to do. And, in


Man Rescued ‘Dying’ Stray Husky And Transformed Her Into The ‘Most Gorgeous Dog’

On his way home from work, Rico Soegiarto saw a dog half-buried in the road in Denpasar, Bali. She was severely malnourished, had wounds all


Man Fosters “Talking Dog” For 2-Weeks, Falls In Love And Begs To Keep Him

When Drew Harrisberg went to the shelter to adopt a dog, he discovered that the dog he had his eye on had been taken. As


Dog Hugs Man Who Faced The Unknown To Rescue Him From Flood

After heavy storms passed through Alabama, intense flooding was left behind in some areas. While the water wasn’t deep enough to stop humans from escaping,


Man Saved Bald Dog While 4-Wheeling, Sees Her 1-Yr Later And Won’t Hold Back

Recently, Matt Bentley found himself in an invasive situation. After catching wind of a dog trap call, he went out looking for the dog with


Man Spent Entire Day In The Blizzard Trying To Save ‘Dying’ Puppies From A Pipe

A homeless dog named Hera was gripped with anxiety after she gave birth in the unforgiving winter months on the streets of Serbia. There was