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Pet Resort “Can’t Find” Dog, But Family Spots Him Dead In Kennel

A family from Tucson, Arizona, said they made the biggest mistake of their lives after leaving their dogs at Buhrke’s Pet Resort. They dropped off


The American Kennel Club Officially Recognizes The Bracco Italiano

The American Kennel Club is officially recognizing their 200th registered dog breed.  The Bracco Italiano, sometimes called the Italian Pointer or Italian Pointing Dog has


Help for Kennel Cough (Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease) – Dogster

Injections, intranasal drops and even oral vaccines can protect against the most common infectious organisms. ©Mario Forcherio / EyeEm | Getty Images Room 3 sounded


Kennel Owner Trains Shelter Dogs To Help Increase Their Adoption Odds

When you think about sweet, innocent, often abused animals sitting in a shelter for an excessive amount of time, it shatters your heart into a


Shelter Dog Parties With Pilfered Squeaky Toys After Escaping Kennel

Finding unexpected freedom one evening, shelter dog Gilligan threw himself a late-night squeaky toy pawty. When Bedford County Humane Society staff arrived at the shelter


Defiant Husky Told To Get Into His Kennel, Uses “English” To Talk Back

It’s bad enough when the kids learn how to talk back to you, but when the family dog learns how to push back, OH BOY!