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Dog Abandoned With Second-Degree Burns Finds Hope

WARNING: Photos feature sensitive content. A young dog now called Annie was found as a stray in Massachusetts. She was covered in second-degree burns, so


Facing Euthanasia, Local Shelter Offers Dog Dad Hope For His Injured Pup

Stephen Foster works as a part-time maintenance man at a gas station in Dade City, Florida. Since the recent death of his wife of 35


Dog Found With Shoelace Embedded Into Neck Finds Hope With Houston Rescue

Some photos below are graphic. Scroll to the bottom to see what Gus looks like now!  When animal activist Rob Acuna and some friends saw


Puppy Collapses After Being Rescued From Storm Drain, Rescuers Hope For A Miracle

An emergency phone call came in for a puppy that was crying from inside a gutter, and Animal Aid Unlimited was called. When the rescuers