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Adorable New Puppy Helps Mend Hearts Broken by Tragedy

When Miguel and Ada Rojas stepped out into the warmth of a South Florida morning, they had no idea what lay in store for them.


Dog Helps Lead State Trooper To Family’s Rollover Car Crash

There are a number of events that can increase the odds of your dog getting lost. Fireworks, thunderstorms, and being involved in a car crash


A New App Helps You Book Private Dog Parks For Your Shy Or Reactive Pups

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Woman’s 3-Legged Rescue Dog Helps Her Cope With Her Own Disability

Suffering from a chronic condition can feel very lonely at times, but many people have found comfort and support in their rescue dogs. Sometimes, two


Selfless Puppy Helps Dying Calf Who Was Born Out In The Freezing Cold

On Valentine’s Day, a calf was born in sub-zero temperatures during a harsh winter storm. And she sat there lifeless and motionless. Fortunately, when they


Man Helps Disabled Dog Enjoy Playtime In The Sweetest Way!

All dogs deserve love, even if they can’t get around as well as they used to. Most special needs dogs get plenty of love and


Selma Blair’s Service Dog Scout Helps Her Cope With MS

Thanks to relentless paparazzi, pretty much every time a celebrity goes out for coffee, a photo of their ordinary errand ends up in a magazine.


#BettyWhiteChallenge Helps Countless Shelter Dogs Including One Special Golden Retriever

Since news of Betty White’s death broke on New Year’s Eve, the #BettyWhiteChallenge has been swirling across social media, asking fans to donate just $5