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Enraged Man Heard Rumor About Puppy Living In Birdcage, Drove Over Fuming

A puppy was found living in a birdcage, according to the organization Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac. It sounded odd and unjustified. Could this be true?


Blind Pit Bull ‘Ached’ To Be Saved, No One Showed But Then She Heard A Woman

This is the tale of a blind Pit Bull that was abandoned in the woods and yearned to be saved, but no one came. She


Man Held Baby Critter, Paraded Her Up And Down Beach So Her Cries Were Heard

A man enjoying his daily walk behind his house heard frantic cries for help. Investigating, he didn’t find anything or anyone around but was perplexed.


Beagle Freed From Lab Testing Won’t Leave Crate ‘Til He Heard A Baby Crying

Meet Echo, a Beagle who spent 6 horrific years locked in a cage. Luckily, she was rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project and this is


Blind Pit Bull Ached To Be Saved But No One Showed And Then She Heard A Woman

This is a story about a blind Pit Bull was was dumped in the woods and ached to be saved but no one showed up.