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Rescue Dogs Join Police Department And Respond To Mental Health Calls

You should know by now that Florida isn’t exactly on the same playing field as the rest of the world. Things in Florida tend to


This Enzyme Could Give Your Pup A Health Boost!

If your dog faces problems with its digestion or immune system, life can be uncomfortable. Sadly, many dogs face internal discomfort without showing obvious symptoms.


Discover Its Wide Range Of Health Benefits!

All dogs will face some type of irritation, inflammation, or discomfort in their lives. Whether it’s skin conditions, joint pain, or digestion issues, your dog


Country Bans Breeding Two Popular Dogs For Health Reasons

There are mixed responses to Norway’s new dog breeding law. Norway’s Oslo District Court made a unanimous ruling to ban the breeding of English Bulldogs


Explore The Countless Health Benefits

Watching your furry friend suffer due to itchy skin and inflammation is heartbreaking. Many health concerns can cause dogs to feel uncomfortable, so it’s essential


Whistle Switch: Dog Tracker or Health Monitor? – An Honest Review

Dog trackers are becoming increasingly popular among dog parents, but how does the Whistle Switch compare? Having already written a comprehensive review on the Fi


Veterinarian Reveals Three Unexpected “Dog Health Destroyers”

Dr. Marty Goldstein, a renowned veterinarian known as Dr. Marty, has made a canine health discovery that’s saving dogs worldwide. He realized that the key


Border Collie Health Problems, Lifespan, Temperament & Maintenance

  Average Size of Female: Height: 18 – 21 inches, Weight: 30 – 45 poundsOccasionally seen: Cerebellar abiotrophy, ceroid lipofuscinosis, deafnessMajor concerns: CHDMinor concerns: PRA,


7 Tips to Keep Your Pet Rabbits in Excellent Health

Rabbits make great pets as they are lovely, curious, playful, and sociable with their owners. They also get along well with dogs and cats, which