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Strays Found Guarding Blind Elderly Woman Asleep By River

Dogs don’t need words to show when they care about people. They convey this with their bodies. For example, you might have recognized your dog


Dog Found Guarding His Deceased Owner In The Snow Finds A Loving New Home

Last month, 69-year-old David Deshon was reported missing by his daughter Shona. Two days later, Placer County, CA sheriff’s deputies discovered his body in the


Family Dogs Nearly Sacrifice Their Lives Guarding 2 Toddlers From Poisonous Snake

Dogs may be the most selfless beings on Earth, and this story proves that they’d take a bullet for the ones that they love –


Dedicated Dog Found Guarding Family’s Home After It Was Destroyed By The Camp Fire

When the Camp Fire approached Bill and Andrea Gaylord’s 80-acre ranch they had only minutes to evacuate. They attempted to bring their two Anatolian Shepherd