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After 5 Years Of Searching, Pit Bull Finds His Forever Home On Betty White’s Birthday

A Pit Bull mix named Spike has been homeless for five years, but it’s not his fault. The pup was surrendered to a shelter after


Cancer Survivor Finds Missing Dog After 5 Years & 1,000-Mile Journey

An English Bulldog known as Azzurra Diamante went missing at the worst possible time. In 2016, when her human was going through cancer treatment, the


Stranger Finds Terrified Dog With His Head Wedged In A Cinderblock

A Phoenix resident was walking down the street when they spotted a troubling sight. An American Pit Bull Terrier mix had gotten his head stuck


Study Finds Dogs Can Distinguish Different Human Languages

We know that dogs can understand many of our words. Still, there are around 7,000 spoken human languages. So, do dogs know when people are


Anxious, Overlooked Shelter Dog Finds Comfort In Her Pile Of Toys

As a rescue dog who’s nervous around other dogs, 2-year-old Bella’s chances of adoption become much smaller. One organization re-homed the Lurcher mix, but that


Woman Finds Her Distressed Dog “Near Death” On Grooming Table

No one expects their dog to be near death after a routine grooming appointment, but horrific situations happen far more often than they should. Karen