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Meatloaf Rescues Puppy From Dumpster While On Tour

Many abandoned dogs are rescued everyday and when rock star singer Meatloaf was on tour, the crew one night noticed someone left a puppy behind


Scared, Abandoned Pittie Hides From Rescuers Behind A Fast-Food Dumpster

Even the sweetest of dogs who are abandoned can become fearful and mistrustful. Rescuing these dogs takes patience and an understanding of what they’ve been


Couple Who Left Injured Dog In Dumpster To Die Avoid Felony Charges

Scott Miller, a construction worker, just happened to pass by a dumpster near his worksite in Westminster, California on the morning of July 27, 2021.


Owner Takes 5-Newborn Puppies From Mama, Dumped Them Beside Dumpster In Freezing Snow

There is so much cruelty in this world when it comes to animals and of course humans. Even though this story has a sad tone,


Children Hear Dog Noises Coming From Dumpster, Former Police Officer Arrested

One day in early February 2022, a man got out of a Mercedes SUV in front of a Jacksonville apartment complex, taking a dog out