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Sick Dog Gets Dumped At ‘High-Kill’ Shelter And Gets Excited Whenever She Has Visitors

Aimee the Pit Bull had developed a painful skin condition, and her owners didn’t want to take care of it. So, they decided to abandon


4-Week-Old Puppy Was Sold Online For $600 — Then Quickly Dumped

A puppy named Little Bear landed in a shelter in 2012 at just four weeks old. He was the result of basement breeding and was


18-Year-Old Blind Dachshund Was Dumped At Shelter, Clung To First Person Who Showed Her Love

Muneca, an 18-year-old blind Dachshund, was dumped at an animal shelter, leaving her alone and terrified. At this time, she no longer had a home,


Workers Find Dumped Golden Retriever, As She Gives Birth To ‘Cow Babies’

When Rosie, a Golden Retriever mix, arrived at the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, dumped and heavily pregnant, shelter heads Katie and John Black, immediately