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Perilous Mud Flats & A Flying Sausage Make For One Adorable Dog Rescue

Drones as mainstream toys are a source of controversy, but no one can deny their lifesaving benefits in the hands of rescue workers. On Thursday,


Mom Worries When Entranced Dog Won’t Break His ‘Stare’ At Same Spot Everyday

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Dog Stolen In California Ends Up In Pennsylvania Only Days Later

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Woman Thought She Found A Homeless ‘Dog’ On Her Porch, When It “Wasn’t A Dog” At All

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Family Adopts Foster Dog Even When Vet Cautioned That He’s Mentally Challenged

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New-Mom Introduces Newborn To Her Pet, Dog Shows Mom Her 1st Rookie Mistake

Dogs are known to have an uncanny ability to sense when a new baby has arrived. Recent studies show that dogs can smell when a


Long-Term Shelter Dog Heartbroken After Adopters Don’t Show

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Cortisol Breaks: How To Decrease Stress After A Dog Fight

Cortisol is the stress hormone, and after a dog fight, the thing that your dog needs the most? Is a cortisol break. A “cortisol break”


Find Someone Who Looks At You Like This Bride Looks At Her Dog

In many cultures, there’s a wedding tradition that the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride in her dress before the actual ceremony. That typically


Hero Dog Awards Encourage People To Nominate Special Dogs In Their Lives

Every dog is a hero to someone. Even if our dogs haven’t saved lives or overcome trauma, they still give us love and support every