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Retired Sheriff And His Record-Breaking K9 Die On Same Day

When you think of police dogs, you might imagine large, strong dogs like a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. An 8-pound runt of the litter


I just put down my dog. I’d die to have known this 12 months ago! 😥

👆 This is my baby Daisy. In this picture, she’s only 7 years old. Oh, what I would give to go back to this age


Couple Who Left Injured Dog In Dumpster To Die Avoid Felony Charges

Scott Miller, a construction worker, just happened to pass by a dumpster near his worksite in Westminster, California on the morning of July 27, 2021.


Starving Dog Dumped On Streets, Left To Die And Woman Fights All Odds To Save Him

On a Christmas weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pia was strolling down the street when she came upon a tiny and emaciated dog, abandoned and


Heroic Man Would Rather Die Than Abandon His Ukraine Animal Shelter

While many people are fleeing Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, one hero is standing his ground. Andrea Cisternino runs an animal shelter in Kyiv, Ukraine’s