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Dog-Friendly Cafe That Doubles As An Adoption Center Opens In NZ

A cafe where you can bring your dog is always a huge plus. But what about a cafe where you can also adopt a dog?


Family Foster-Fails After Writing Hilarious, F-Bomb-Packed Adoption Advertisement

UPDATE 3/18/2022 – No matter how mischievous a dog is, they can always find a way to win your heart! Shortly after Christine Clauder posted


Kennel Owner Trains Shelter Dogs To Help Increase Their Adoption Odds

When you think about sweet, innocent, often abused animals sitting in a shelter for an excessive amount of time, it shatters your heart into a


No One Shows Up For Heartbroken Dog’s Valentine’s Adoption Party

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Pit Bull Found Severely Underweight With Rocks In His Stomach After Adoption

Most people who adopt shelter dogs are angels, but there’s a reason some organizations have a tedious background check before adoption. Shelters and rescues care


5 Reasons Why Street Dogs are the Best When it Comes to Adoption?

We are at a time where a lot of people are showing great interest in adopting stray pups. This is a brilliant initiative as it