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The 15 Best Dog Products For Travel

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NBA Champion Kevin Love and His Dog, Vestry, Celebrate Milk-Bone’s New Treat Flavor – Dogster

©Cleveland Cavaliers recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers to discuss his love for his dog, Vestry,


After Owner Dies In A Crash, Firefighters Go Above & Beyond To Help His Dog

Days before Thanksgiving, firefighters in Plainville, Illinois responded to a rollover crash involving a tractor-trailer. The driver died on impact, but rescuers heard someone –


Herbal Shampoo & Hot-Spot Treatments – Dogster

Dogs get skin issues, just like we do, depending on the weather, allergens in the air and grass, or various bug bites. Signs of discomfort


Woman Devastated After Her Senior Dog Leaves Grooming Salon Paralyzed

Finding the perfect groomer for your dog can be tricky, especially since many places don’t require any certifications to become a groomer. Due to those


Judge Judy Lets Dog Tell The Truth In A Canine Custody Battle

We love people who stand up for our four-legged companions, and when they’re able to serve up some real justice, it’s even sweeter. Pet advocates


Rescued Chihuahua Becomes World’s Oldest Dog!

We all wish our furry friends could live long enough to be the oldest dogs in the world. For Gisela Shore from Florida, that dream


Middle Schooler Runs Off The School Bus To Save His Dog From A House Fire

We have all heard the stories of heroic dogs coming to the aid of their humans during medical emergencies, dangerous situations and disasters. On the


Kind-Hearted Officer Pulls All-Nighter To Protect The Neglected Stray Puppy He Rescued

Rescuing a stray puppy may not be a police officer‘s job, but some kind-hearted officers don’t do it for the job. Some genuinely want to


Watch Out For These 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that dogs are descendants of the mighty wolf. Importantly though, these common household pets can actually pose a lot of