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Fans love seeing their favorite celebrities during interviews. But those interviews become even better when the star’s dogs make an appearance. Celebrity dogs are often just as beloved as their humans!

In a recent interview with Kristen Stewart and Nicole Kidman, Stewart’s dogs wanted to make sure they were involved. During several moments throughout the half-hour interview, the rescue dogs barked to make certain viewers noticed them. Even though producers could’ve edited the dogs out, they knew that the furry friends would make the video much more exciting.

Kristen Stewart walking dog

Actors on Actors Interview

Stewart and Kidman took part in Variety’s “Actors on Actors” interviews. The two stars took turns asking each other questions about their time in the industry. Both actresses were humble and supportive, so it was beautiful to see how they praised each other.

While the questions themselves were interesting, many fans fell in love with the interview for a different reason. Throughout the clip, Stewart’s dogs barked several times and could be seen in the background at one point. Stewart seemed very embarrassed, but Kidman thought it was hilarious.

Nicole Kidman with dog

“I was kind of by myself the whole time. I was playing the most lonely woman, and I was so accompanied. I had my friends with me, saying, ‘We’ve got you, babe.’ So it allows you to go deeper and sort of feel the isolation in a more meaningful way,” Stewart said, talking about her role in ‘Spencer’. “But with these kids, it was just about feeling like this three-headed animal…”

As if on cue, her dogs barked like crazy when she said the word “animal.” Kidman laughed and said that the editors better keep that moment. Sure enough, it became the first part shown in the YouTube clip.

Kristen Stewart and Nicole Kidman interview

Dogs Steal the Show

Several times throughout the interview, Stewart said the producers could edit out the moments with her dogs barking. Yet, the editors purposely kept them in, so every few minutes during the video, the dogs went crazy. Stewart insists that they don’t usually bark that much, so it must be because they wanted to be on camera.

At the start of the interview, Stewart also mentioned her cat. She said she heard the cat meowing, so she asked her fiancée, Dylan Meyer, to feed her.

Kristen Stewart Holding Dog

“OK, wait before we jump in,” Stewart said. “Hey, Dylan? Are you going to feed that cat? Yeah, it’s more than meowing, like, if she felt like she was talking to me, I’d be into it, but she begins to scream at a certain point.”

Stewart’s house is full of adorable animals, and their interruptions only made the interview more interesting. The actress has at least three rescue dogs that she loves very much. After this video, fans will definitely ask to see more of her furry friends.

Watch the Interview Here:

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