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As we all know, LOL is normally known as “Laugh out loud”, and we promise a wonderful happy ending to this story.

Meet LOL the Chihuahua, this is her story! Kansas experienced a hoarding situation due to Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption stepped in to help LOL, the little Chihuahua who was in need of some medical attention. It turns out that poor LOL was also ready to give birth.


Image Source Credit: YouTube Video – Inside Edition


Thanks to a foster home, an abnormally large litter of puppies managed to make it into the world.

Image Source Credit: YouTube Video – Inside Edition


The foster mom who took care of LOL stayed in touch with Unleashed Pet Rescue to let them know of the successful delivery of 11 beautiful Chihuahua puppies. At the end of LOL giving birth, the family all settled in nicely for the evening.


Image Source Credit: YouTube Video – Inside Edition


Up until that point, the largest litter of Chihuahua pups ever born was 10 and LOL beat the record with 11 beautiful cuties. These 11 puppies will all have loving forever homes. Along with a morning puppy check, the foster mom counted eight boys and three girls for a total of 11 puppies.


Watch momma and her 11 beautiful pups in the video below! Please SHARE this wonderful video with a friend or family member!


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