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Finding a good boarding facility for your dog is tricky. Many options look depressing when they should be like a vacation for your pup. A dog hotel in South Africa has the right idea, offering services that they describe as “six-star.” Dogs who stay there probably have more luxurious vacations than their humans.

The hotel offers 24-hour supervision to ensure that the dogs aren’t lonely, along with plenty of amenities to keep them busy. It sounds like the dream, but you need to be willing to pay the costly rates. Despite being an adorable business, not everyone is pleased with it.

Dog relaxing on sky deck

A 6-Star Experience

Superwoof Dog Hotel has been open for about a year and a half, and it’s the ideal destination for pampered pups. Right away, the lobby is full of places to relax. Dogs can spend their visits playing in indoor and outdoor dog runs, including a city sky deck with pools and a “dog bar.”

“We’ve really tried to make sure that we offer a six-star service,” said Watson Mpala, a dog handler at Superwoof. “With 24-hour supervision and the luxuries of our splash pool, the giant lounges, all of that jazz, we really want to provide a luxury experience for the doggos.”

Dog hotel room

During each dog’s stay, a handler is with them at all times to make sure they don’t have to be locked up in a kennel. They get to go for long walks every day along the beautiful countryside. Inside the hotel, soft jazz music usually plays.

It’s unclear if the dogs at the hotel appreciate all the extra luxury, but of course, pawrents feel more at ease knowing their pups are treated so well.

Dogs playing with handlers

Mixed Reactions

It’s easy to fall in love with this canine resort, but not all residents of South Africa are on board with the idea. About half the country lives in poverty, and a homeless shelter is right across the street from Superwoof. So, many of the dogs staying at the hotel probably have better lives than some humans do.

While a luxury dog hotel might seem extreme in an area with so much poverty, the facility isn’t just in it for the money. The dog hotel also has a dog adoption center on-site known as the WOOF Project. Every time a dog stays at the hotel, they’re helping more pets find homes.

Dogs on countryside walk

Most dog parents might not be willing to afford a five-star pet resort, let alone one that goes above and beyond that. But the hotel has plenty of guests and lots of people adopting dogs, so they must be doing something right. No matter how you feel about this extravagant hotel, it sure is an adorable idea!

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