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We didn’t get here without great sacrifice and loss. And we honor our heroes every day with days filled with happiness and choices. We need to make their sacrifices worthwhile by recognizing the important duties of all those who fight for our freedoms. If you want to know how much we appreciate vets, one look at their partners in life, or “war dogs,” is enough evidence. “War Dogs” have been fighting alongside our soldiers for centuries and serve as essential members of regiments.


Image Source: YouTube Video – NBC


Army sergeant Tom Hansen served alongside Taylor, affectionately known as Tay-Tay. But like many other canine partners, she had to be left behind and spend time in a military kennel until official retirement.

One United Airlines flight attendant, Molli Oliver, tries make make reunions possible between retired furry friends and the handlers who loved them. Sometimes she has to spend her own money to fly with the dog. She tries make make reunions possible and it’s all out of love.


Image Source: YouTube Video – NBC


“I love the dogs, and I love my military that’s taken care of my freedom my whole life, so it’s a win-win to combine the two,” Oliver said.

As Hansen waits at the airport, excited but a bit nervous, his special someone is making her way to him. Their goal is to spend the rest of Tay-Tay’s days living happily together. Their reunion is incredibly touching! Don’t take your eyes off the screen or you may just miss the firework moment!

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