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Most dog parents will do whatever it takes to give their furry friends the best life possible. Some individuals will even go as far as to put their dogs’ needs above their own. A man named Choco has been homeless for the past few years, but he doesn’t let that stop him from caring for his dogs.

A stranger spotted Choco and his two dogs having an adorable birthday party together. They recorded the touching moment and used it to raise money for Choco and the dogs. Now, Choco’s love for his dogs might help him get back on his feet.

Homeless man hugging dogs

Love Has No Limits

Choco has been homeless in Bucaramanga, Colombia, for several years after escaping an abusive situation. But no matter how tough things got, he made sure his dogs were cared for. He has two large dogs named Shaggy and Nena, and they mean the world to him.

For Shaggy’s most recent birthday, Choco decided to make it as special as possible. In the video, he’s seen sitting on a staircase next to the two dogs. Shaggy and Nena are both lying down patiently while wearing party hats.

Homeless man dog birthday party

Choco pulls out a birthday cake and lights two candles on it as he cheers for Shaggy. Then, he happily blows out the candles. He cuts a piece for both pups and then one for himself. Shaggy and Nena take their time eating the cake, and Choco gives them some pieces of his slice too.

The video shows a true act of love between a man and his dogs. Despite having nothing, Choco still found a way to go above and beyond for his best friends. The person who recorded the video was so touched that they came to talk to him. After that, they wanted to help him in any way possible.

Man relaxing with his dogs

Kindness Changes Lives

Once the person posted Choco’s video online, many other people wanted to help out. Choco has spent years making sure Shaggy, and Nena get everything they need, so now, many kind people want to do the same for Choco.

Ever since the video gained popularity, dog lovers often gather at the park where Choco spends most of his time. They donate food and supplies to Choco, Shaggy, and Nena, and every donation makes a difference. Choco regularly poses for photos with people’s dogs, which has made his story even more popular on social media.

Homeless man with his dogs outside

Choco’s kindness toward his dogs has influenced so many people to help him in return. Hopefully, all this extra support will be what he needs to get back on his feet. After all, he deserves to be just as happy and healthy as his canine companions.

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