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No one expects their dog to be near death after a routine grooming appointment, but horrific situations happen far more often than they should. Karen Bailor brought Taz, her 3-year-old Dachshund, to a groomer at a Texas Pet Supplies Plus. When she came to pick him up, he was barely conscious. Yet, no one had alerted her or done anything to help.

If Bailor hadn’t rushed Taz to the vet in time, she believes he would’ve died. The business is attempting to make things right, but Bailor believes they have a long way to go to give Taz justice.

Family photo with Dachshund

A Grooming Nightmare

Bailor was shocked by what she saw at the Pet Supplies Plus in Spring, Texas. When she arrived to pick up Taz, he was alone on the grooming table with straps holding his neck and body up. The groomer was working with another dog, not paying attention to the Dachshund.

“It was very chaotic. I looked at my dog and could tell he was in major distress by the way his body was hanging. He was very limp, his tail was down,” said Bailor.

Dachshund resting on couch

When Bailor held Taz in her arms, she saw that his breathing was labored. So, she rushed him to a Blue Pearl Pet Hospital for emergency care. Her quick thinking likely saved his life.

Two vets confirmed that the injuries were caused by a choking event. Taz’s lungs were full of fluid, so vets had no idea if he would survive. The poor pup had to spend three days in an oxygen chamber. But now, he’s back to feeling like his normal self.

Dachshund in Breathing Chamber

Customers Demand Justice

Luckily, Pet Supplies Plus isn’t denying the problem. The manager at that location fired the groomer, and they are covering Taz’s medical costs. However, Bailor claims that more can be done. No one called her to tell her that something was wrong with Taz, and the groomer wasn’t paying much attention to him. According to Bailor, her dog isn’t the only pet who has been injured at this grooming facility.

“We are sorry to hear about Taz’s experience, but are relieved to hear he is now doing well,” Pet Supplies Plus wrote in a statement. “We understand how pets hold a special place in our hearts, which is why we take every measure possible to protect their health and well-being. In this case, upon further review, the owner of this independently owned store took immediate action to terminate the groomer, and the pet parent is being compensated for her veterinary costs. We want the community to feel safe bringing their pets to our stores for grooming services, knowing we require all of our groomers to pass our safety upon hire, which are audited quarterly.”

Girl cuddling with Dachshund

Even though this business is attempting to make up for what happened, Bailor keeps warning people to stay away from that location. In Texas, dog groomers don’t need any specific training or certifications to be hired or open a shop. Dog parents should always meet with potential groomers, tour the facility, and seek unbiased reviews before choosing to send their dogs there.

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