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A young dog named Angie is a trooper. She has been through so much in the past few years, but she keeps displaying loving and hopeful behaviors despite it all. In January 2020, reports stated that Angie had been abused by her human. She looked like she was on the brink of death, so officials seized her from the individual.

It took about two years for Angie to get any justice. Her abuser is now facing punishments, which are supposedly some of the harshest animal cruelty sentences in Quebec’s history. However, dog lovers around the world agree that the individual deserves more consequences than he got.

Abused dog before

Long Overdue Justice

When officials first found Angie in 2020, she had a punctured eye, broken teeth, several fractures, and a wound on her head. She was sent to get emergency veterinary care while her human was investigated. The Montreal SPCA looked after her during her recovery.

“The dog was found in a deplorable state in a blood-soaked apartment by animal protection officers,” the SPCA said. “When they arrived, the officers found a lethargic animal with a punctured eye, nearly half of her teeth broken, and an open wound on her skull.”

Angie went through many medical treatments before she was ready to head off to a forever home. She now lives with a loving family who adopted her. They said she loves cuddling with them and playing in the snow, so she’s not letting her tragic past hold her back.

Montreal SPCA entrance

It wasn’t until December 7th, 2021, that Angie’s abuser pleaded guilty. He admitted to “willfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering, or injury to a dog.” His sentence is one of the most significant punishments on record for animal cruelty in Quebec, but many believe it’s not enough.

Dogs Deserve Better

The man responsible for abusing Angie received a 7-month jail term. He is also not allowed to own a pet or live on the same premises as one for the next 15 years.

Canada’s animal cruelty laws are constantly improving, but Quebec is the province with the most lenient punishments. If the case occurred in Ontario, his sentence would’ve been closer to two years. Many dog lovers believe he should serve more jail time for his unforgivable actions.

Abused dog after

Officials remind the public that if they see a case of animal abuse, they need to report it. Many dogs don’t get justice because no one witnesses or reports the abuse. Sadly, dogs can’t speak for themselves, so we need to speak up for them.

The punishment for Angie’s abuse might seem minor for what she went through, but it’s better than no consequences. In Quebec, this sentence is considered a success in terms of animals welfare. Hopefully, this case will encourage animal cruelty laws to become even stricter in the future.

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